November 16, 2010

Fun with Free Fonts

Yesterday I made an invitation for a small Christmas cocktail party we’re having in a few weeks. While designing the invite I came across a number of really cool free fonts. If you love a good free font as much as I do, I thought you’d enjoy them too.

The first few I downloaded from Andy Nortnik and came in a pack titled Free Retro Fonts.

Retro Fonts
My favorite is Diner Sparkly, but I ended up using Brody and Expo for the invite.


Another great font I found was from Tack-o-rama called Air Conditioner

Tack-o-rama has a lot of great fonts and clip art, like…



What is your favorite font find?


Katie said...

AW - I love Font Diner Sparkly! A couple of my favorite are ones I found while gathering fonts for our wedding stationary - Little Lord Fontleroy, akaFrivolity, Honey Script from; three dates, one night from;

honey my heart said...

loved the way your invite turned out :) i like diner sparkly, too. and air conditioner.

Anonymous said...

These are so great, thanks for sharing! Also, I love the invite. The font choices were perfect!

Laura Lewis said...

Love good free fonts! Diner Sparkly is in my blog header! :) I loved when I found Suzie's Hand which was hard to find free at first and it was used a lot for my wedding... also another one that I can't remember -- but it's something with Honey or Hunny I think!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Laura - I love Suzie's hand! It's so fun :)

@Honey & Minted - Thank you!

@MayLove - I love KevinandAmanda! I totally forgot about that site - THANKS!

Jessica said...

I love finding new and free fonts! The ones you chose look great. I wonder what kind of event I could throw to use the rope one? LOL

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Jessica - Someone needs to have a party for Buck-a-roos ;)

ms. awesome said...

Ooh, these are great! And that "mister" might be just what I'm looking for for a little project I'm working on!

lobster said...

Thanks for sharing! I love fun fonts. I think I need to throw a party so I can make a cute invite :)

Anonymous said...

I love these fonts! Fabulous!

kjpugs said...

Oh gosh. I thought the rope one said RAPE. I clearly am sleep deprived. Yet I LOVE fonts so BRAVO!! I always forget that you can get them free!

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