July 27, 2009


Welcome to the new "married" blog of me, His Birdie!

I've you've followed me over from my wedding planning blog, THANKS, I hope we'll have just as much fun post wedding. (Truthfully, I think we're going to have more fun of here).

If you're new, welcome :)

This blog is about my new life as a newlywed (10 more days!!). J (the soon to be hubs) and I are living together for the first time, EEEKKK - I'm living with a BOY! We love mid-century modern design (J wants our place to look like Pete Campbell's) we love to grill & cook and we love wine.

I've been blogging about our upcoming wedding on Weddingbee as Miss French Bulldog (soon to be Mrs), where I met the UBER talented Mrs Flamingo. Mrs Flamingo, is Kelly DeLuca of Blush!nk.

Kelly is doing a TON of blog make-overs right now for a steal... she may be raising money to take a very special trip to Las Vegas next year. Anyway, if you like what you see (I know, I do) head over to her website and ask her to make your blog pretty(ville).

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