April 18, 2012

Tumblr 366

While I haven’t been blogging here since January I have been posting somewhere else, Tumblr. My goal is to post a photo everyday of 2012… and hopefully continue to 2013 etc.

I don’t have a fancy camera (as I’m sure you’ve noticed) and all the pictures are taken with my phone, because I can upload them to the site with my handy dandy Tumblr App. It’s just fun to look back on all the pictures and remember what I was going then.

With this, I also joined a project called #Click366, started by Kira at Her New Leaf. This site compiles the photo a day Tumblrs of a bunch of us on one site.

I’m new to Tumblr this year and I’m already SO VERY addicted and I’ve found a few great ones to follow. My current favorite is Mean Girls of Panem, it combines stills from The Hunger Games movie with quotes from Mean Girls… basically 2 of my favorite things.


Do you have a Tumblr? or a favorite one you follow? Please share it in the comments.

April 16, 2012

New Bedroom

Soooo, we’re moving, but no we did not buy a house. So many factors went into this decision it’s hard to explain them all, but it just seemed like God was telling us not to buy now. It was just too stressful and difficult. The moment we decided to rent a newer, larger, and nicer apartment, that is closer to work, we both felt happier and so very relieved.

Also, I’ve been trying to decide whether to continue with this blog or switch everything over to my design portfolio website and blog about interior design over there. For now, I’m going to blog in both places… well just the interior design stuff over there, and I may eventually make the transition.

Back to the bedroom… we’re moving to an new apartment, with a LOT more space and a guest room. The guest room means we’ll be able to use our room as just a bedroom and not a bedroom/office/treadmill storage/catch-all. We’re pretty excited.

This weekend we ended up at the mall (a lot) and part of that was spent at Z Gallerie. J (Hubs) and I have a bit of a difference of opinion on how we want our bedroom to look. I love bright colors and pattern and he didn’t want colors. (I’m going to re-do the guestroom while he’s out of town, shhhhhh).

zgallerie1 Z Gallerie Mimosa Reversible Bedding – Aquamarine & Geo Bedding - Sunset Orange

J was dead set on getting this zebra print bedding for about 3/4s of the store and then he wanted this shiny bedding for about 10 mins. Did I marry Austin Powers?

zgallerie2 Z Gallerie Zebra Bedding - Grey & Sophia Bedding – Charcoal

You guys that is the color of that bedding, it hasn’t been converted to grey scale or anything! I PROMISE! This trip to the mall reminded me how we ended up with the super boring Target bedding we’ve had for the past 3 years. (Not that there is anything wrong with Target bedding). I was not going to get stuck with this bedding in our new apartment, I knew J was thinking the same thing, so today at work I looked around and came up with this lovely combo of bedding. (I think I need Photoshop, you guys).
bedding3 Z Gallerie Geo Bedding – Grey & Zambia Throw – Aubergine, West Elm Tall Grid Tufted Headboard – Heather Grey, Organic Cotton Pintuck Shams – Light Amethyst, & Organic Seersucker Sham – True Grey

Check it out – compromise. I got my pattern and color, he got is grey and animal dealy. I kid you not when I tell you HE is my hardest design client. Well him and my mom.

A special thanks to by Twitter friends for helping me pick out the headboard.


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