September 11, 2009

Five for Friday

Back on my old blog I would post 5 things I love about The Hubs every Friday. I thought about stopping it when we got married, but then I realized how silly that sounded. I know our marriage is going to have ups and downs... our engagement did, and there were many times I go to do Five for Friday and we had just had an argument and I was still a mad, writing out 5 things I loved about The Hubs helped me get over myself pretty quickly :)

So without further ado...
1 - You are always exicted to see me in the morning
2 - You let me buy the healhier bread
3 - You made me pancakes
4 - You buy vegatables now
5 - You're sad we haven't been able to find your Dino Buddies

What has your husband done recently that reminded him why you love him?

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ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

dino buddies! love those things! i'm pretty sure they sell them at costco and now they have them at the commissary. yum!

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