November 4, 2009

Adventures in Dining Out: Kogi BBQ

About a year ago I saw a story about Kogi BBQ on the news. It told of a taco truck that drove from location to location in LA selling Korean BBQ in tacos. Um, YUM! They Tweeted their location and people would line up to eat their tasty tacos. So tasty, in fact, some people would wait in line for over an hour and not get any food because the truck was off to it's next location.

I wanted to go! However, we were in the middle of planning our wedding and I was in school... there just wasn't time and then I forgot all out Kogi BBQ.

Last month, about a month after our wedding, I came out of the wedding fog and started following more foodies on Twitter and Food blogs and someone Tweeted about Kogi BBQ. When I started following them they were only in LA and North Orange County... just far enough away. However, a few weeks ago the got a new truck for South Orange County and started stopping close to my office. I watched their schedule online and noticed this past Friday they were going to be in Laguna Niguel. That is really close to our place!

Get to the part where you eat Korean BBQ! Okay, okay!

Last Friday the Hubs and I saved our appetites to meet Kogi BBQ, in front of a shady (as shady as Laguna Niguel can be) bar, near the Crown Valley exit of the 5 from 10:30pm-12pm.

We arrived at 10:15pm and there was already a line of about 50 people... as we started to wait that line tripled! Although the truck was late our nearly 1 1/2 hour wait was well worth it.

Here are your Kogi BBQ options:

The Hubs and I ordered 1 Korean Short Rib Burrito,

2 Kogi Sliders,

and 1 Korean Short Rib Taco.

Blurry and my favorite :)

If you'd like to read more about what Kogi BBQ is and how it got started, check out this LA Times article.


Jessica Lynn said...

Wow! That's an intense food experience for sure. Is there only one Kogi BBQ truck driving around? It seems like they could make a fortune if they had at least one more. Hmm, but then it may loose it's charm, so to speak.

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

They have 4 trucks now :) I believe they are set to specific areas, the South OC one is Naranja, so that is the one I saw. There is always a crazy turnout so I hope it doesn't lose it's charm soon.

honey my heart said...

mmm looks delish. i am following the kogi truck and trying to plan my next la trip around their schedule/locations :)

Geek in Heels said...

When I visited LA this past February, the Kogi truck was all the rage. Luckily, they made a trip to the Japanese-American Museum where my friend works, and we ended up getting free food (and not having to wait on the 3-blocks-long line!). My personal opinion as a Korean is that authentic Korean BBQ is better. However, the blend of the Korean-Mexican cuisine was fantastic and I loved it all the same. :-)

Carly said...

Their tacos are awesome! L, my brother, and I ate Kogi BBQ when we happened to catch them in the parking lot of a local Best Buy. Lucky us! L (who is Korean) said the burrito was just okay. But he had to agree with me that the tacos were amazing :) Cute post!

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