December 26, 2009

Adventures in Dining Out: Mad Greek

Any Vegas road-tripper worth their salt knows about the Mad Greek in Baker, CA. The Hubs and I make a stop there on our way bake from Las Vegas or St George anytime we head out there. Even if we're not hungry... we'll get it to go and eat it later down the road. This last time was no exception.

There was a bad accident on the 15 when we were driving home Monday, so after 2 hours in stop, wait 15 mins and go traffic, we couldn't wait for some Mad Greek.

The inside is decorated just a gaudy as the outside and it was a mad house. Not surprisingly many other travelers suck in the traffic had the same idea.

Hubs ordered the Beefeater sandwich

and a side of fried zucchini.

I ordered the Gyro...

Which, of course, comes with yummers Tzatziki Sauce.

Mmmmm Greek Food, nom nom nom.


Katie said...

Deeeelish! Fried zucchini is so wonderful. I love the gaudy Greek decor...there is a huge Greek community around my hometown, and it is so cute to go into some of the family restaurants and you see the entire family that owns the restaurant sitting around an enormous table (I think the biggest we've seen is about 25 people)! We're considering having our rehearsal dinner at a Greek restaurant at the moment...I want some flaming cheese!!!

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Katie, that would be such a fun rehearsal dinner, you should totally do it :)

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