December 7, 2009

Around our Nest: The Ghetto

I would like to start out by pointing out that at least our TV isn't sitting on cinder blocks, a wire spool or a Radio Flyer.
On black Friday the Hubs and I purchased a new TV. We don't have cable and up until about a week before we bought the new TV, the old one wasn't even plugged in. It's not that we didn't (or don't) watch TV at all, we just watched it on our laptops. Anyway we got tired of staring at a screen propped on our coffee table to we took the plunge and bought a flat screen TV.

The "TV Area" is still the.most.ghetto. part of our apartment but at least we can watch DVDs and streaming TV from our Laptops on a bigger screen with better sound.

Now for the embarrassing pictures, aren't you excited?


The next, obvious thing to purchase would be a TV console. Then perhaps a new, more advanced, DVD player.


Nerdy Bride said...

Ohh, I'd definitely recommend a bluray player! We bought a PS3 a while back and we looove watching blurays. The quality is seriously amazing!

Nerdy Bride said...

Also, LOL Clueless : )

Kate @ Manhattan Actress said...

All you need is a little, inexpensive one to just hide the electronics clutter and you're golden -- not so bad!

I love your little vases, though! ;)

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