December 17, 2009

I Want, I Need, I Have to Have: This House!

The Hubs spent most of yesterday emailing me listing from RedFin. What can I say, when we have nothing to do at work we surf the net and waste hours and hours of time. Every listing he would send me, I'd imagine our stuff inside and cooking in the kitchen... entertaining in the backyard. Le Sigh.

This was my favorite listing... out of our budget, but a girl can dream right?

Anyway, the problem with the area we live in is it's beautiful, a lot of people want to live here, so real estate is very expensive... and if you ask me grossly overpriced a lot of the time. (I'm a little bitter don't get me started). So, this house isn't really in a town I would like to live in... mainly because I have a certain comfort level with my proximity to the ocean and distance from the freeway. I want to be closer to the ocean than the freeway... I'm picky, it's a problem. Anyway, I would compromise on those things for this cute house and this ADORABLE kitchen!

I might even do it for this adorable Craftsman that is more realistic (read in our price range).

It seams as though all someone has to do is paint something yellow and I want to live in it, but built-ins don't hurt.

As you can see, the Hubs and I prefer older homes... would you rather buy a brand new home or an older home with character?


Katie said...

im loving the yellow.. both are absolutely adorable

Laura K [AKA Miss Mojito] said...

I want that first house... downpayment tonite. :)

Katie said...

OMG first house! Double oven, 6 burner stove?!?! Sign me up. It is sooo cute...not to mention the adorable backyard!

megan marie said...

are you guys house hunting!? awesome!

socal houses are insane, we won't be able to afford one for.. um... forever. probably.

also, old houses 4eva.

M and C said...

I love that yellow, black and white kitchen!

Brandi said...

So cute! I love the built ins! And I would rather buy a fixer upper :)

Meagan with an A said...

love the little yellow house!

I am a builder's daughter and that bias is hard to shake. I'd rather have something new that I can make my own than something that already comes with character. What can I say, I am a sucker for big closets and less-than-1o-year-old plumbing.

Pink Thumb said...

YOu probably already know this but we prefer old homes because they have character. I also don't like buying new homes that look just like all the other homes on the block or in a development.

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