December 22, 2009

Two Places at Once

This past weekend the Hubs and I went to St. George, UT. St George is the first city in Utah when you drive in from Las Vegas. You actually drive through Arizona for about 30 mins, through Virgin River Gorge.

In the past, there's never been a safe place to stop and take a picture of the Arizona/Utah state line, but this year there were a few new roads put in and we drove right down the state line on Saturday morning. I, of course, made them all stop to I could take a picture and blog all about it.

Here I am in two places at once.

I need to talk to Hubs about taking pictures at more flattering angles.

This of course also reminds me on a movie... A Walk to Remember, **Spoiler Alert** the dying Mandy Moore has being in two places at once on her list of things to do before she dies and Shane West's character takes her to a state line. Love that movie! Makes me cry every time.


Laura K [AKA Miss Mojito] said...

As I was reading this I totally thought about A Walk to Remember :) And I allllways ask Brad to pull over at a stateline so we can do this but we haven't yet.

Katie said...

that's totally cute! i've always wanted to do that... walk to remember is such a sweet movie

honey my heart said...

that's awesome. i always wanted to stop at a border and take a photo :) and it totally reminds me of a walk to remember!

Jessica Lynn said...

:) very cool. Ya know, if you drove to the east just a little bit you could be in four places at once! The boarders of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado all touch at a place called....Four Corners!

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