January 9, 2010

Fifty Foot Checca

Yesterday on Twitter I saw @fiftyfootbride (aka Miss Scissors) mention to @songbirdcreative (aka Mrs Cookie) she had a fantastic Checca recipe.
I love a good recipe (have you noticed?) so I jumped in and asked for the recipe as well. Lauren kicks arse (naturally) and posted the recipe on her blog (I Love You Much) like an hour later.

Fifty Foot Checca
Recipe from Lauren @ I Love You Much found here

– big bunch of fresh basil
– head of garlic
– 2 really large ugly ripe (or other heirloom) tomatoes
– buffalo mozzarella
– good extra virgin olive oil
– kosher salt
– garlic saltAdd Image
– freshly ground pepper

1 - Peel and finely chop the whole head of garlic. (She uses a food processor, and I just used the already copped garlic you can buy in a jar)
2 - Take out about two tablespoons of the garlic and put it in whatever you’re serving the pasta in. (A big big bowl works well).
3 - Pour in about a quarter cup… or less… of olive oil.
4 - wash and sliver the basil, put it in the bowl, stir around.
5 -Throw i a few pinchfulls of kosher salt.
6 - Wash and chop the tomatoes in big chunks. (About 1″ square pieces). Throw those guys in the bowl.

7 - Take the buffalo mozzarella out of it’s watery bin, and chunk that up like the tomatoes and throw it in the bowl.
8 - Put in about a teaspoon of garlic salt, and grind in however much pepper you like. (I just swish the garlic salt over the top).
9 - Stir around and if everything doesn’t seem coated enough by the oil, add some more. Let all of that hang out in the bowl.

Lauren uses the left-over garlic for garlic bread and serves the Checca over about 1 lb of her favorite pasta. I made the Hubs favorite ghetto garlic bread and served it over spaghetti squash, instead. Either way THIS IS TASTE-EE! Thanks Lauren!

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Anonymous said...

Why have I never heard of Checca before? Looks delicious!

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