March 9, 2010

Adventures in Dining Out: Battista's Hole in the Wall

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know I went to Las Vegas this past weekend. If you don't follow me on Twitter... are you on Twitter? Yes. What the eff man? Anywhoodle, one of my favorite places to go in Vegas is Battista's Hole in the Wall. Haven't heard of it? Don't worry, most people I talk to haven't because isn't exactly "on the strip", it's behind it. More specifically, it's behind the Flamingo, all shady like, next to a liquor store.

In this picture I am the only one under 6 foot and doesn't have a name that starts with "J"

Battista's is tasty and probably one of the best deals you will get in Vegas. I don't know if you know this, but eating in Vegas is Price-eeee! At Battista's ALL dinners include Minestrone Soup or Italian Salad, Garlic Bread, Pasta Side, Homemade Cappuccino and FREE TABLE WINE!

We got both white and red table wine because we had four people.

Jane is the only one who didn't say, "Mozzarella!" when the waiter taking our picture told us to... smart woman.

This is not my picture because I failed at being a blogger this weekend and took a total of about 5 pictures, but this is what the menus look like posted around the restaurant. The couple times I've been I try to stay in the $22.95 section and get the eggplant or lasagna... both are very good. This time was no exception, our table ordered...

One of these...
Canelloni (Meat)

and one of these...
Eggplant Parmegiana

and two of these...

We also got a side order of meatballs, but got Italian Sausage instead...
They did bring us our meatballs, but I thought the Italian Sausage was tastier.

After the meal we were beyond stuffed.
But our wallets were happy :) and Clint still thought I was sexy ;-)

Actually, he looks rather disinterested doesn't he? Well at least the Hubs still loves me!

What is your favorite "Hole in the Wall"?


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! I used to go to Vegas about twice a year and ALWAYS wanted to eat there! A friend of mine raves about it, but every time I go the people I'm with always want to go somewhere else and I my vote gets shot down. I'm so excited you posted about that...not to mention, now I want lasagna and wine!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

OH MY GAWD, yum! I have never heard of Battista's, but I am totally telling L about it. We MUST go the next time we are in Vegas. Thank you for the recommendation! And yes, eating in Vegas totally kills our wallets every time. And you said, "anywhoodle"...too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Nom to all of the food. You're looking danngggg hot Ali!

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Jessica - I will go to Vegas and eat there with you!
Goddess - Anywhoodle is fun :) and I will go with you too ;-)
Peaches - Thanks, you're not to shabby yourself ;)

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