March 12, 2010

I Have an Interwebs Shopping Problem

Thanks to One Kings Lane, Rue La La, and Gilt Group I have an interwebs shopping addiction. Most the time I just skim the email and see if there is a designer I recognize, but I always check One Kings Lane.

Here's a sampling of some things I've purchased from One Kings Lane in the past year...

R Nichols Notecards, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Nesting bowls, Danica Studio's Tea Towels

From Rue La La, I've purchased a pair of pink Puma running shoes for my honeymoon and sexy bra and matching panties... but can't find those pictures. Today, I bought these Charles David "Souffle" Berry Patent Flats.

From Gilt, my site I've been a member of the longest, I've only recently started making purchases. In the past 5 months I've bought...

Wish I was at home so I could tell you who makes the bowl and toaster, sorry. The cookbooks are A Return to Cooking by Eric Ripert & Michael Ruhlman and Frank Stitt's Southern Table. I can't wait for April, when I have the whole month off from school and I can actually read them and perhaps even cook something! P.S. I also purchased a kitchen scale from Gilt too!

Today, from Gilt, I bought this Vera Wang Bridesmaid dress to wear to the (at least) 4 weddings I have coming up this summer.

See I have a problem! Today I purchased two things in a matter of 30 minutes. Perhaps for Lent I should have given up interwebs shopping?

Do you purchase a lot of things from the interwebs?

Do you need help with your addiction?
Invite to One Kings Lane HERE
Invite to Rue La La
Invite to Gilt Group

Happy Shopping!


Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

I share your problem. I bought rubber shoes from Gilt the other day. Rubber. Stilettos. What's wrong with me?

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Hot Cocoa - Rubber? Stilettos? How.did.I.Miss.Those?

Susan said...

that's a beautiful dress!!! i love it!

i used to subscribe to one king's lane (great full day blog turned me on to that), but when i kept finding things like $600+ throw pillows (not exaggerating here), even though things like that would be mixed in with other more affordable as well as equally unaffordable stuff, too - i decided to end my subscription. not only because of what i considered outrageous prices for mostly decorator or entertaining items, i found myself wanting to purchase things i wasn't even looking to purchase originally - and that is never a good thing. like i don't already want to purchase a million other things!

i'm glad for you that you've found some things that you like, though.

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Susan - I know what you mean, that is why I don't buy things over a certain price and I always Google what I'm about to buy to make sure the site is really the best price :)
Most the things I've purchased are things I've needed anyway and got something nicer, cuter or cheaper this way. It's hard not to go crazy though.

Michelle Alexandra said...

I love the dress! It's going to look beautiful on you! You have found some awesome things. I still have yet to buy from Gilt or One Kings Lane. I know lame. I'm trying to resist because I know once I give in it will all go downhill.

michelle @ blissfulmusings

M and C said...

I love those bowls. I've only purchased a pair of Pumas and some letterpressed cards. I'm always too slow or can't make up my mind. :(

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