April 26, 2010

Copy Cat: Endive Salad


This past Easter, due to a bunch of crazy scheduling conflicts (mostly my fault), Hubs and I ended up with my parent’s dinner reservation at a local French restaurant, Savoie's Fare. They had a set three course Champagne Dinner that included a salad, main dish and dessert.

Hubs ordered the Endive Salad for first course and fell in LOVE! He's asked a couple times since if I thought it was something we could easily recreate, so I broke down and made it this weekend when my family came over for dinner.

Here is the salad description from Savoie's Fare's Menu


And here’s how I made it…

(Click recipe to enlarge)


I’m not gonna lie, Hubs said my version was just as good or better than the restaurant salad! And he doesn’t lie about these things.

Have you ever recreated a meal from a Restaurant? Did it taste the same or better than the original?

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Amy I. said...

Yes, I do it often, w/ varying degrees of success..ha! What a gorgeously colorful salad you made!

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