May 11, 2010

Adventures in Dining Out: The Crow Bar & Kitchen

One of my favorite Orange County restaurants is The Crow Bar and Kitchen in Corona Del Mar. My Dad’s business partner lucked into it through American Express about a year ago and took us “office ladies” to lunch. There I had one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant, second only to the burgers at Park Ave.

The Crow Bar also has a special place in my stomach because they incorporating local, regional and sustainably-grown ingredients. A restaurant with a conscience is something I can get behind!

Okay now for the food. The last time we went there for lunch I finally remembered to take pictures. Truth be told, the photo above of their chargers is from a different lunch where I forgot to take pictures once the food came. D’oh!

We started with the Blue Crab Deviled Eggs…
Next, I copied my Dad’s business partner and got the clam chowder…
You can barely see it, but those are clams, in the shell. On nom nom!

Along with the clam chowder we both got Meatball Sliders…

The other two ladies in my office got the Grilled Hanger Steak Sandwich…



I’m pretty sure I’m going to get that next time, YUM!

If you would like to check out their entire menu, you can find them here. You can also follow The Crow Bar and Kitchen on Twitter to hear about their daily specials.


stephanie michele said...

This place is officially on my list of restaurants to visit the next time we're visiting the fam in SoCal!

Laura Lewis said...

Gahhh! Now I want to go there again, that all looked soooo good! Lunch datttteee!

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Laura -!

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