June 17, 2010

Blueberry Crumble

It’s berry season, just in case you haven’t noticed. Berry Season is one of my favorite seasons… it’s probably one of the tastiest! For the past few weeks I’ve been adding strawberries, blueberries and blackberries to pretty much everything I can. French toast? Check. Salad? Check. Pie? Check. Cereal? Of course!

Earlier this week Hubs was eyeing a blueberry crumble pie at Trader Joes. I get a little miffed when we wants to buy store bought pie (and such) because HELLO I can totally make that! So I promised him I’d make him crumble sometime.

Well, “sometime” was last night. I really wanted to cook something new and Hubs already had Trader Joe’s salmon burger for dinner. Best not to waste food we already had, so I decided to make the crumble. I went to my favorite go-to recipe site, Cooking Light, and found a recipe for Rainier Cherry Crumble. I decided I would substitute berries for the cherries since I wasn’t in the mood to pit 3 pounds of cherries.

How do you make this gooey crumbly berry goodness?

Click Recipe to Enlarge

For the berries I used 2 of those plastic things of blueberries and a bunch of leftover blackberries and strawberries. You can probably use any fruit you want. I think next time I'm going to do peaches and blueberries... YUM!

Do you ever get miffed when your husband/wife wants to buy something at the store you can make at home 10 times better? Am I the only weirdo?


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh, I'm saving this! I LOVE blueberries and I love pie, crumbles, cobblers, etc.

honey my heart said...

looks so yummy, i love crumbles! blueberries are so perfect for summer :)

Katie said...

yummmyyyy i might have to try this myself :)

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Wow, looks amazing! Now I'm hungry for blueberry crumble!

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