June 11, 2010

I Want, I Need, I Have to Have: Tile

… or another reason why I love Barbara Barry.

I came across another reason to move out of our apartment this afternoon. One of my favorite ‘eye candy’ site’s Retro Renovation posted about these awesome Starburst Tiles from Ann Sacks and Barbara Barry.


They come in singe, offset, double, triple and quad; and if I could retile our bathroom I would by them right now!

Hubs and I LOVE mid-century modern design. I know, who doesn’t these days? I would tell you we liked it before it was so cool, but I don’t know exactly when it started being so cool… lets just say more than 5 years. It was one of the things we had in common when we started dating. Hubs is obsessed with all things “Atomic Starburst”.

Example 1


Example 2
He’s so obsessed I tried to buy him a complete set of Eames Starburst Black Composite Stainless Silverware for his birthday, from a vintage shop near his old apartment.


Sadly, I got there a day too late.

So, I got some requests to do more posts on my Interior Design school projects... is that something a lot of you would be interested in?


Laura Lewis said...

Girl, you would DIE at the different retro tile work in my parents house... she just can't redo the tile that has it... I'll have to take a pic sometime!

Katie said...

These are so great. They remind me of something that old space cartoon would have in their house- the Jetsons, i think?

lavenderpug said...

would love to hear more about your interior design projects! and i'm with you--i find reasons to move out of my apartment every day.

M and C said...

I LOVE that tile!! It's probably good I didn't see it before we finished the kitchen otherwise we would have spent a small fortune on it!

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