August 10, 2010

Adventures in Dining Out: Bleu Bohème, San Diego, CA

I couple weeks ago, Hubs and I went down to San Diego to celebrate the 30th birthday of his best friend, Brandon. The plan was to have dinner in Downtown San Diego, with Brandon and his wife, Lindsay (aka Pretty as Peaches). However, after realizing Comic-con was also going on in Downtown SD, we decided it would probably be better to go to dinner somewhere a little less crowded. Lindsay suggested Blue Bohème, a French restaurant in Kensington. Thankfully, we were able to get a last minute reservation, so it was on.

We arrived about 15-20 mins before our reservation to enjoy some drinks in the bar. I had a Le Saint Germain (Champagne and Saint Germain Liqueur), Hubs had a Tom Collins

Lindsay had a glass of Brandon, Chimay, in a fancy glass.

Blue Boheme has a great atmosphere. The exposed beams, brick, and unfinished (not drywalled) wall in the bar and seating area (at the front of the restaurant) feel like you’ve walked into European Restaurant.

When our table was ready, we relocated to the dining area. The dining area had a similar feel to the bar, but felt a bit fancier. We had decided back at the bar, we needed to share the ‘La Planche Degustation’ or meat and cheese board.

I wish I could remember exactly which cheese was which and give you intelligent feedback on them, but I have no memory ability for French words. The obvious ones… Honey Comb, Paté, St. André Brie, Gruyère, fig thing, meats, pickles….

I’d say the general consensus was that the cheese were tasty, but the meats were “meh”. If you decided to get a board here, I would just get the cheese board.

Right before the cheese board, they also brought a freshly baked bread from Sadie Rose Baking Company. We know they purchase the bread there because Brandon & Hubs liked it so much they asked.
For dinner Brandon and Lindsay order of the ‘La Tradition’

Lindsay had the ‘Steak Frites’…

Brandon had the ‘Coq au Vin’…

Hubs and I ordered off the ‘La Saison’ section of the menu…

Hubs had the ‘Filet Mignon aux Trois Sauces’…

The curry sauce, on the left, was the best curry I have ever tasted! I asked for a side of it to take home with the rest of my ‘Carre d’Agneau Provencal’ (aka rack of lamb)…

Not one of us was displeased with our meal. The sauces were all excellent (especially the curry) all the veggies and meats were cooked just right. My lamb was just the perfect mix of rare, but not too rare, which I find happens more often when you ask them to prepare it “however the chef recommends.” <—Just a little ordering tip ;-)

To end the evening, Blue Bohème brought Brandon a ‘Birthday Chocolate Mousse’.

I would like to thank Comic-con for derailing our Downtown San Diego plans. Without them I may have never eaten at Blue Bohème :)


Susan said...

Wow! Looks fantastic! I'm so glad it's actually near to where I live ;) I hate seeing awesome restaurant posts and thinking, "Oh... It's in Boston... Lovely!"

Jessica Lynn said...

Oh my gosh that all looks beyond delicious. Seriously, I just felt all sorts of hunger pains rise up. I wish I lived closer to a big city, I miss going out and enjoying food other than Olive Garden and Outback (the "nice" places out here.).

BigAppleNosh said...

Oh goodness, everything looks amazing!!!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Susan - I know exactly how you feel. That is why it's hard for me to watch restaurant shows on Food Network.
@Jessica - When you come out here for Blogher next year, we'll go to all sorts of places that are nothing like Olive Garden & Outback ;-)

honey my heart said...

i like the look of that restaurant and the food you ate is so yummy!

Katie said...

Oh wow, I just drooled all over my keyboard; the atmosphere of that restaurant looks so cool too! I want some of those skinny delicious looking fries...mmmm

Katie said...

well you certainly had quite the dinner! this looks divine

prettyaspeaches said...

nom nom nom! Good times! Hope you're having an amazing trip right now :)

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