October 29, 2010

Five for Friday

Previous Fridays

1 - Every year, for your work potluck, we make a different Halloween themed dish. This year's Meatloaf Zombie hand was the creepiest!

2 -You dress-up for Halloween.

3 - You're always excited to see me when I come home (or you come home).

4 - You've already purchased our bottle of wine, for wine Friday's on the couch.

5 - We drink our Wine Friday's wine out of the glasses we got while wine tasting on our Honeymoon.


BigAppleNosh said...

YAY!!! I absolutely love your Five for Fridays. That meatloaf hand is seriously creepy! :)

MayLove said...

That meatloaf hand is way creepy! I wish we'd thought to get wine glasses on our honeymoon - though we weren't big wine drinkers then. Now we only have two small glasses from our trip to TN (when we went on a wine tour or three, and started our new wine hobby- LOL).

lobster said...

That meatloaf scares the crap out of me!!!!!

Jessica said...

That meatloaf hand is fantastic. Haha! I wanna make one on Sunday now.

kjpugs said...

Just another voice praising the meatloaf hand!!! HOLY COW was that good!

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