December 13, 2010

Reverb10: Prompt 11 - Things


When I first read this I thought, “ELEVEN THINGS!?! Is this guys nuts?!?” No offense Sam, but I’m sure you got the reaction from a lot of people. However, since Hubs and I were busy this weekend I gave myself the weekend to think about it. Perhaps there are 11 things I don’t need in my life, or perhaps there are a couple and I don’t need to come up with 11.

1 – Plastic bags: I have a bunch of those re-useable bags for grocery shopping, but more often than not I forget them at home. Next year, I will not go shopping unless I have the bags. This will most likely also cut down on needless grocery shopping, when we have okay food at home.


2 – Buying lunch:
I spend way too much money on buying lunch everyday. Next year, I will make an effort to bring leftovers or make meals for lunch… most days.

3 – Gluten: Is this a cop out because I’ve already started it? Maybe. But, I’m sticking with it in 2011

4 – Impatience:
I am a pretty impatient person and really it only stresses me out. I’m going to make an effort to be more patient and relaxed in 2011.

5 – Judgment – I’m going try and not be so worried about what other people think of me. I guess, I’ll do this by consciously telling myself to stop when I start worrying about what other people think.

6 – Purses – I have enough, really cute purses. In 2011, I will use the ones I have and not buy any new ones.

… I may add more at a later date :)


TwoWishes Tara said...

Argh, I hear you on the plastic bags. We have a trunkful of re-useable bags, and we STILL forget to actually bring them into the store!

kjpugs said...

NO NEW PURSES!?!?!?! Bravery at it's finest!!!! And yea... 11 things is insane.

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