January 27, 2011

I Want, I Need, I Have to Have: Polka Dots

Hi everyone, I'm slowly coming to and getting over what I like to affectionately refer to as "The Cold of Death". My brain is a little less cloudy and I'm pretty sure I can string together a couple of somewhat coherent sentences. I was recently sent some tasty gluten free bread I want to share with you, along with some other gluten free products and possible recipes. Thanks for sticking around!

It all started with this skirt from White House Black Market

Looks super cute, right? Well, I went to the store to try it on and it’s way less cute in person. You lost all the layers and it just looked like a polka dot skirt that didn’t fit well. But, now I had been bitten by the polka dot bug, so to speak and I wanted polka dot stuff!

Here are a few more polka dots items, I think I might need…

Black Polka Dot Myra skirt from Target

The Merona line from Target always seems to fit be really well. It’s nice to have an inexpensive brand I can rely on.

Dotted Cardigan from White House Black Market

I have a tiny obsession with White House Black Market, because I also want this Tipped Mini-Dot Trench with adorable bow accent.

And, this Dot-Print Sheath Dress

Also, if we’re talking about wants – I want $1,650 for this Dolce & Gabbana Polka Dot Stretch Georgette Dress!

If I could have it, I’d totally wear my hair cuter when I wore it!

Do you have a pattern you’re obsesses with?


Andnowlights said...

That trench coat is ADORABLE!!! Seriously, if it were half the price it is, it would totally be in my closet. I used to hate polka dots when I was little cause it reminded me of my terrible case of chicken pox! Ridiculous, I know.

MayLove said...

I am obsessed with polka dots as well, especially black and white. I snuck it into our wedding decor and stationary, and wore an adorable polka dot dress from Target to our shower. Just bought the cutest polka dot dessert plates and prep bowls from home goods. LOVE me some polka dots. Ever wonder how they got their name? Any relation to polka music?

MayLove said...

Follow up: (from wikipedia)
An early recorded use of the term "polka dot" is in 1873... The pattern is named for the dance of the same name, but there is no conceptual connection linking the pattern to the dance. Instead, the name was settled upon because of the dance's popularity at the time the pattern became fashionable. Many contemporary products and fashions also adopted the name.

Jessica said...

That trench coat is adorable! I'm not sure I own anything with polka dots. Maybe one blouse? Maybe?

Too bad that layered skirt didn't work out, the picture makes it look so cute!

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

Polka dot layered skirt and polka dot trench do want!!!! I don't think I own a single polka dot thing in my wardrobe..

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Andnowlights - I know I want that trench to be cheaper so I can buy it!
@MayLove - LOL! Thanks for looking that up, I always wondered. Also, I'm super jealous you snuck polka dots into your wedding. I wanted to do a polka dot themed wedding, but Hubs thought it was too girlie.
@Jessica - I know I was so bummed about the skirt.
@Kristin - I think the only polka dot thing I currently own is an apron.

Anonymous said...


BigAppleNosh said...

OMG I need that trench!!

honey my heart said...

i'm really liking that trench coat, too cute! i've been wearing a lot of stripes and flower prints lately, but you've got me thinking polka dots ;)

Layla said...

Oh my gosh that COAT. I need that.

Nellie said...

I die! That first skirt, that last dress, that trench! Please someone gift it to me.

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