February 18, 2011

Five for Friday

Previous Fridays

1 - You surprised me with all kinds of Valentine's day goodies when I got home from class on Monday.

2 - You listened to Kevin & Bean with me on the way to the Airport last Friday... instead of your AM talk show.

3 - You danced with me a lot at your sister's wedding.
4 – You encourage me to go to Jazzercise when I’m not in the mood.

5 - Five years ago today you took me on the best first date ever!


Cole said...

Such a sweet post! And he is waaaaaaay too cute with the blow up guitar!

Cait said...

just came across your blog :) love it! great post girl :)

BigAppleNosh said...

I missed this when I was traveling - so great to catch up on your Five for Fridays :)

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