September 11, 2011

Sept 11th – What Inspires Me…

The ladies I’ve met through Weddingbee inspire me. They are all such creative, intelligent, considerate and fabulous women, who inspire me to be more creative and strive for my best.

This photo isn't actually mine... I stole it from Facebook. It was taken at a Weddingbee party, I wasn't able to attended, in NYC a couple years ago.

Photo Challenge originally found here.


Kira said...

Did you have that print made? It's so cute.. I'm hoping to someday become a Bee!

Our Wired Lives said...

Ooo.. I like your poster too! Where'd you get it? I totally agree that the Bees have always inspired me as well!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Kira - I hope someday you will be a Bee too! You've been so active on the site and I know you wedding will be beautiful :)

@Kira & @Our Wired Lives - I don't know where to paragraph went about how this isn't actually my picture and someone (Bee or Cathy) had it printed for a Weddingbee party in NYC 2 or so years ago. I stole this from Facebook. I'll be sure to re-write & source it on Monday!

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