September 3, 2011

Sept 3rd – The indispensable


This is my 2001 VW Jetta, Betty. She is indispensible because I just can seem to quit her. I’ve already picked out my next car, a Chevy Cruz. We can totally afford it. Betty has over 150,000 miles. Her AC broke at the beginning of summer, cost more than she is worth to fix, and for some reason I’m perfectly content to drive around with the window down than get a new car. (Yes I said window, singular, because she has manual windows and I’m not tall enough to reach over and roll the other window up if I need too, so I just roll down the driver-side window & I’m good).

Photo Challenge originally found here.

3 comments: said...

Betty sounds like the car that we had before we got our current car. Betty sounds like an over-achiever like our old car.

hemborgwife said...

I had my car since 2003 and she also had a broken AC and a bumper that had seen better days but I cried when we agreed my mom would get her when we moved!

Jill said...

Yay Betty! I finally gave up my 2001 Jeep in 2008 when the A/C went out, I needed new brakes and gas prices went up to $3/gallon. I'm now hoping my Mazda 3 makes it another 7-10 years! I totally get roll-up windows. The Jeep had them. One window for air flow is plenty! :)

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