September 22, 2009

Easy Peasy: Blue Cheese & Honey Toasts

This past weekend the Hubs and I went to Palm Springs with another couple. One of the Hubs friends (and groomsmen) just bought an AWESOME new condo in Palm Springs with his girlfriend, so we stopped at their place for dinner on Friday night.

I'm not gonna lie, there place is AWESOME! Totally mid century modern. I would live there in a heartbeat if it wasn't in the desert, it's just too hot out there more me.

Anyway, Tiffany (Jeremiah/Groomsman's girlfriend... you following) made us the tastiest dinner with a really yummy and simple appetizer. I thought I'd use Tiffany's apps to kick off a little something I'm going to call "Easy Peasy". These will be tried, true and easy recipes, that I love.

Blue Cheese & Honey Toasts

1 loaf French Bread (I prefer Trader Joe's Par-cooked French Bread)
Blue Cheese

1 - Slice the bread in rounds with desired thickness, I like about a 1/4"
2 - Put blue cheese on top of bread rounds
3 - Place cheese and toasts under broiler until the bread starts to toast on the ends
4 - Drizzle honey over cheese and toasts
5 - Enjoy!

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Newport Nuptials said...

These sound so good! I love that they are easy to make, too!

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