October 23, 2009

Around our Nest - The Beginning

Mr Frenchie and I love our apartment complex and even our tiny-one-bedroom apartment. Although, we I sometimes wish we had one more bedroom for an office, our apartment is the perfect size for our little family, right now.

We love the spacious balcony, the island in the kitchen and ALL the storage!

I'm always curious to see how people decor their space and how a space evolves over time, so I thought I'd show you how our apartment started out. Hopefully, if I remember, next week you can see it's current state and I'll tell you what we plan on doing. Since we do live in an apartment, and in CA that means you don't own it, we can't change much but the paint color there won't be any drastic changes, but there will still be changes.

The Living Room...
  • The sofa was our first major purchase as a couple and a piece we'd had our eye on for awhile. We bought it right before the Hubs moved so we'd have a place to sit.
  • The coffee table is a piece the Hubs bought way back before we met and he was living in Las Vegas, it has a matching bar too.
  • The mirror is something I won on Tara's blog, Two Wishes. I want to put it above the fireplace but the Hubs wants to put something else... we'll see who wins.
  • The shoes, belong to the Hubs and I'm pretty sure they are in that exact same spot right now.
The China Cabinet...
  • This china cabinet, or I should say one exactly like it, was given to me by my Grandmother when she past away. I say one exactly like it because this one was actually my parent's they have the exact same one and pulled a switch-a-roo when her's was in better shape.
  • The upper part is now COMPLETELY filled with glasses now. We have an obscene amount of glassware... it's a little embarrassing.
The Bar Table...
  • The Hubs found those Vintage Chess Piece booze containers on eBay a year or so ago and they now reside on the left side of the bar. The right side is where the real booze hang out now.
  • We still need to get proper pots for our plants... the plastic pot and paper plate just isn't classy.
  • My shoes now reside next to the Hubs' under the coffee table.
  • The paint color is something we are pretty proud of. Paint color is the only thing we can change about our apartment and the first thing we did once we move the Hubs in. P.S. We are excellent tapers. Here's a better picture...

  • The dinning table also used to be my Grandmother's and I love it. One of the six chairs is still being used at my parent's house... I think I'll get it back this weekend.
The Kitchen...
  • Yes, we were registered at Crate & Barrel.
  • The vintage toaster used to be the Hubs' Grandmother's. It still works, however we're afraid to use it.
  • Where there should be a fridge, there is just a pile of boxes. The Hubs lived there for about a month without a fridge. I don't know how he did it, but it left a great storage place for all our empty boxes.

  • Yes, that is a gnome in the corner by the knives. George (the gnome) doesn't want to be outside, or so the Hubs tells me. He also tells me George is guarding the knives. Here is a better picture...
  • The "Red Thing" is a coffee grinder. The Hubs takes his coffee seriously.
  • I got that lime Le Creuset stock pot on sale at Sur La Table a couple weeks for our wedding. It came in pretty handy when we got back from our honeymoon,tried to make soup and realized we didn't receive any pots.
  • I love that wrought iron Cookbook stand. My mom has one just like it fromSouthern Living at Home. I wanted one so badly but never said anything and someone gave to it me as a shower gift.
Up next, I'll show you the balcony and how everything looks now. Do you feel like a house is every finished or is it always a work in progress as things get relocated and your tastes change?


writtenbliss said...

So pretty and cheerful! I should post some pics of our house soon, but I'll be ashamed because it's SO not put together.

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Thanks :) I would love to see pics of your place.
Notice there were no pics of our bedroom, that is still pretty much a disaster :-/

Miss Mojito said...

It is always a work in progress, we've had our townhome for over a year now and we are STILL purchasing and STILL updating... I promised to stop though until after the wedding when we get stuff we registered for. LOL

Michele said...

My dining room has out sad old dinning room furniture in it and a thin little window treatment. I have decided to ignore it until he buys me a new dinning room set! lol

TwoWishes said...

Our place is an overcrowded mess. Just looking at your clean and spacious apartment is a breath of fresh air.

And glad you're enjoying the mirror (wherever it ends up)!

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