December 24, 2009

Adventures in Dining Out: Cracker Barrel

As may have already read, the Hubs and I went to St George, UT last weekend to visit half my In Laws. As far as I know St George is home to our closest Cracker Barrel and I've talked the Hubs into going the last two times we've been in town. It wasn't that hard to convince him, all I really had to do was mention the biscuits and sawmill gravy.

As well as being a restaurant, Cracker Barrel has an old country store where you can buy rocking chairs, over-sized checkers, candy, iron skillets etc.

I as really tempted to buy this French Bulldog cookie jar, but I couldn't really use it all year long, and I need one I can keep out all the time.

After cruising around the store we sat down for Breakfast/Lunch (isn't that Brunch? Nope, it was lunch but we ate breakfast food). Cracker Barrel has great 'country decor'.

Not only is there a bunch of fun stuff to look at while you're waiting for you food but they have this game on every table.

After staring at the Breakfast and Lunch Menus we chose out plan of action. The Hubs ordered the Smokehouse Breakfast.

And, I ordered One Egg and Turkey Sausage... plus Hubs gave me his grits. I big puffy heart grits!

I would like to tell you we didn't we everything you see above, but we did. What? We were on vacation :)


Katie said...

OMG omg drooool. I love Cracker Barrel! My fam always used to stop at one when we were on road trips from TX to MI to visit my grandparents. I always got the chicken fried chicken with sawmill gravy, and FRIED OKRA! I'm drooling just thinking about fried okra...yummm

Jessica Lynn said...

My fiance and I LOVE Cracker Barrel. Seriously though, it's a really unhealthy addiction. MMMmmm SO delicious!

Laura K [AKA Miss Mojito] said...

Cracker Barrel is my fave... anytime we go to Arizona we eat there at least twice. It's tempting sometimes to make the five hour drive to the closest one we know of just to go! LOL

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