December 13, 2009

Blog Happenings: Blog Award

Many thanks to Carly over at The Less Than Domestic Goddess for giving me the Blog Award above! I love knowing people are actually reading and enjoying what I have to say :)

I guess the thing to do now is leave you with 10 random facts about myself, and bestow this honor on 10 very deserving blogs. Ready, set, go!

1 - I met Carly (aka Mrs Glitter), before I became a Bee myself, at a Bee meet-up last winter in LA. I'd show you the photographic evidence but I look horrid in the picture.

2 - I go to Islands every Friday for Veggie Tacos.

3 - I quote Friends episodes and movies on a daily basis.

4 - If I wasn't in school for interior design I'd go to culinary school. I desperately want to learn better techniques.

5 - I've been told by several people that if they got plastic surgery on their nose they would show the doctor my nose as what they wanted.

6 - I'm horrible about mailing things. I've had a box sitting by me for over a month and I still haven't gone to the Post Office.

7 - I like cupcakes more because they are cute than because they are tasty. Don't get me wrong cupcakes are tasty, I just think they are more cute than tasty.

8 - I LOVE Cougar Town! Do you watch?

9 - I didn't think I'd like Lost, but the Hubs recently talked me into watching Seasons 1-5 and now I can't wait for Season 6.

10 - I am horrible at thinking up random facts about myself.

The Very Deserving Blogs (in no specific order)


skinnyfoodbyamy said...

Thanks for the award! :) I'd love to go to culinary school too and study to be a pastry chef! Ah well...not paying another dime for school!

M and C said...

Thanks for the shout out!! My sister and I quote friends -- a lot!

Katie said...

aw yay! thanks :)

holly p said...

Thanks for the tag! I want to go to culinary school too! And design school. And med school. Don't think any of them are going to happen sadly :( at least not now.

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