December 12, 2009

Frenchie Kisses: Waiting to go Down the Aisle

About 30 minutes before our ceremony my dad drove me over to our venue. Don't tell the police but I didn't wear my seatbelt. I ran the newspaper headline through my head, "Bride flies through windshield on her way to the ceremony" and told my dad to drive as slowly as he needed too! We weren't going far, but aren't those 'famous last words'.

My DOC made sure the Hubs couldn't see me while my Dad dropped me off in the back parking lot and I walked, by myself, to the Bridal Room. As independent as I think I am, I should have waited for my dad or bridesmaids to walk with me. I was a ball of emotions at this point and a group of drunken Frat boys sing the Wedding March about made me chuck my bouquet at them. I managed to hold on to my bouquet and duck into the Bridal Room and my dad followed shortly.

While I tried to relax with my bridesmaids our guests started to mill around outside.

My Parent's friends...

My friends...

The ladies from Church...

My soon to be Sister in Law and her boyfriend, Mark...

and friends from when we lived in Dallas...

As is got closer to "THE TIME" I tied the Hubs' ring around Jen's wrist.

Since the Hubs and I decided not to have children in our wedding, this meant Jen was in charge of his ring. Using some left over ribbon from our OOT bags my Mom came up with the genius idea to tie it around Jen's wrist, because it was WAY too big for here to wear around her thumb and she didn't want to drop it.

Next, Jen helped me with my garters...

and re-lacing my dress.

I put my shoes on all by myself ;-)

And we're ready to go!

Up Next: Walking down the aisle.

***Note: All photos, unless otherwise noted, are by the fabulously talented, and super awesome to know, Ohana Photographers***

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Susan said...

I love that you are retelling each part of the day :O) So lovely!

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