December 1, 2009

Home Decor: Christmas Wreath

Friday morning I was done with Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas. I wanted to put lights up and decorate our tiny abode with Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Sadly, since I've never decorated my own place for Christmas we had nothing to put up. For our engagement party last year we received a number of Christmas themed items, but they were all for entertaining. Things like snowman plates and wine stoppers. Truth be told, I opened a bottle of wine just to put a Santa stopper in it, but I needed MORE!

I talked the Hubs into stopping by Target while we were out so we could get lights and hopefully a wreath. I wondered around the Christmas section looking at all the ornaments, garland and wreaths imagining we lived in a place where we could put lights on the outside of our house and our tree could be HUGE. I found one wreath the Hubs and I bought really liked, of course I didn't take a picture because silly me thought I could find it on Target's website. FAIL! It's not on there. Well, it was white flocked garland with tiny colored ornaments. However, for $25 I felt like it could have a few more ornaments so I set out to find supplies to make my own... and I did.

White Wreath - $5
Colored plastic ornaments - $5
Wire - $3 ish

Basically, all I did was fluff the wreath and use the wire to affix the ornaments to it. It was Easy Peasy.

The not so matchy blue ribbon was left over from my sister's birthday present. I want to get another color, but it needed a bow, so this will have to do for now.

Now all I need it a snowman or snowflake 'Welcome Mat'.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! SO cute!

Katie said...

we have very few christmas decorations as well and our christmas budget this year has to go to presents only! (I'm hoping to shop the after christmas sales)
This is such a cute project!

violarulz/ducksandbooks said...

I think the wreath looks great with the mat you have :) I wish I were Christian/pagan sometimes, just so I could decorate. My uber-Jew finacee looks down even on me decorating for channukah :(

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Awww, cute!! I love wreathes! Sadly, our condo building doesn't allow ANY decorations on the front door or surrounding area. Makes me sad. What a bunch of scrooges! :)

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

Domestic Goddess - What a bunch of scrooges is right! We can't put lights on the window of our patio so the Hubs put them on the inside. It's kinda fun b/c we get to enjoy them more on the inside :)

Katie said...

Oooh I love the bright happy colors!

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