January 21, 2010


Soosh \sü-sh\(n): Short for Sushi

I have had the strongest sushi craving since I this morning, when I entered The Pioneer Woman's Surf & Turf Weekend Getaway. Sushi and a weekend getaway? YES PLEASE!

Sushi is just one of those foods that I could eat not matter what mood I'm in... or how cold it is outside. Mostly, I just want to go home and cuddle up the the Hubs on the couch, with the fireplace going and eat soup and paninis or something... OR, I could go for some sushi.

What food could you be in the mood to eat whenever?


Katie said...

oh my.. this is making me crave sushi! i too could eat this literally anytime. UNFORTUNATELY... i have no one to eat sushi with at school :(

brit @ landlocked bride said...

I really wish I liked sushi :( Or seafood for that matter. We just don't get a long :(

Anonymous said...

I entered that too! Wouldn't it be WILD if we both got picked? Bee GTG and meeting PW? WHOA! :)

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

@Katie - this makes me sad :(

@Brit - this also makes me sad :(

@Amy (nifty) - That would be awesome if we BOTH WON! That makes me happy :)

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