April 21, 2010

I Want, I Need, I Have to Have: "I can write a blog, I have thoughts"

I've been having one of those blogging weeks were I can't really think of anything to say. I start back at school in like two weeks and I won't be able to post as much when it get really busy. I'm so bummed I can't think of a thing to blog about. Blogger = FAIL!

I saw this giveaway on Live Creating Yourself and I found it very fitting, you know since right now I have no "thoughts". She is giving away one of these prints from her Etsy shop LCY graphics, to three readers. (Please pick me, please pick me).
The quote is, of course, from the movie Julie and Julia...

If you don't want to watch the whole trailer, you can see Amy Adams' line about 0:55 into the trailer.

I want one. I NEED one. I have to have it! But what color?

Come on, thoughts, I wanna blog!


Laura K [AKA Miss Mojito] said...

OMG I'm so buying this print to frame and put on my desk whenever I decide to get a new office, love it.

HisBirdie (Ali) said...

@Laura K - I don't have a office to put it in either, but I neeeeed it!

{ Joy } said...

That's SO CUTE! =) I waaaant one

completelyrandomsally said...

I'm pretty sure I need this like last Sunday. It could be the first thing hung in the office (although it's my hubby's home office and he doesn't blog, but WHATEVER).

Oh, I've been silently stocking you (and most of the bees) from Weddingbee. :)

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