May 4, 2010

Cinco de Mayo: Easy Peasy Queso Dip

I know I haven’t done an ‘Easy Peasy’ recipe in a while but I’ve actually attempted to blog about this dip a couple times but the pictures are always so ugly I give up.


See? Ug-ly... and my camera is sucky.

Lets just say this – this dip is not pretty, but it is tasty! My MIL made a variation of this dip for us at Christmas time and Hubs couldn’t get enough of it. It’s seriously the easiest dip in the world to make… besides adding onion soup mix to a container of sour cream.

How do you make it?

(Click recipe to enlarge)

Anywhoodle, if you need a quick dip or appetizer this Cinco de Mayo, this is ready in a snap :)

Do you have any Cinco de Mayo plans?


A. Marigold said...

It sounds delicious, and I love the sombrero-ed tortilla chip. :)

michelle @ blissful musings said...

Oh My Gosh I LOOOVVEE the new blog layout and design! In my craziness I hadn't been to the actual site, just my google reader. Joy did an awesome job.

Oh and this dip sounds amazing.

completelyrandomsally said...

One word - YUM!!!!!! It's not always the case, but I find that the dips that look the grossest often taste the best (and usually those have a lot leftover because the looks distract folks from eating it).

And those margarita cupcakes...come to mama!!!!!

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