October 7, 2010

Easy Peasy: GF Mini Pizzas

One of my favorite carbs to eat before you know, was English Muffins. Mmmm I have always loved me some English Muffins. Anyway, one of my favorite, quick meal, things to do with them was make mini pizzas. It called for 3 things I usually always have in the fridge: English muffins, spaghetti sauce and cheese.

This weekend Hubs and I went to Henry's for some groceries and so I could check out their gluten free offerings. I found a lot of things I want to try, but only one thing I needed right away – Gluten Free English Muffins.

The week I learned I was gluten intolerant I went to Trader Joe’s a lunch one day to get a few things. There I found Gluten Free, Vegan, and Organic Spaghetti Sauce. I’ve used it on gluten free pasta a few times in the past 2 weeks and it is delicious. I decided this week for lunch I’d try to make mini GF pizzas for lunch.

Here’s what I brought…


Daiya is the Gluten Free Vegan cheese I found at Whole Foods, last week. Although not entirely the same a real cheese (for obvious reasons) it is similar enough and tastes pretty good, too.

How I make them…


I put the spinach on before the sauce because I’ve found it helps the cheese lay better and it’s easier to eat after the cheese melts. I add the spinach to help make up for the calcium I’m missing out on by not eating cheese.


To melt the cheese, I just microwave the pizzas for about a minute. I guess I could stick them back in the toaster, but I like to avoid getting cheese allover the work toaster and the microwave is quicker.


Voila! Mini Gluten Free English Muffin Pizza :)

For the past two weeks I’ve been discovering more Gluten Free blogs and the GF Community. Several of my friends have been tweeting and emailing me links to GF recipes and websites (Thank you!). In the process I found JennCuisine, a gluten free food blogger. She is doing a round-up of Gluten Free Substitution recipes this week and I’ve decided to share my mini pizzas. They’re nothing fancy, I’ve definitely substituted something (if not two somethings) to make them better for me.

If you’re curious about more ways to substitute gluten free options in recipes you should check out her blog in the upcoming week so see what the others submit :)


Jessica Lynn said...

Those look delicious! I've heard so many people talk about English muffin pizzas that I should really try making it some time.

Have you noticed a difference since you started going gluten free?

lobster said...

Yum! We love "EMPs" at my house. I like the addition of spinach for some greens. This is a great gluten free option!

honey my heart said...

this meal looks really good and it's so simple! i'm glad you posted it before i went to the grocery store :)

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Jessica - You should definitely try them, they are the easiest things ever to make. Trader Joe's has low fat English muffins that are like 110 cals for the whole muffing too!
I have noticed a difference :) I was going to do a post on it soon. I've started writing it, but I wanted to list products I've tried etc so I think I'm going to wait until I've been doing it for a month.
@Lobster - Thanks :) Since I can't have dairy as often anymore, Hubs and my mom were really worried I wouldn't get enough calcium. I thought adding the spinach would help.
@Honey - Let me know if you try it!... or try other toppings.

kjpugs said...

MMMM sounds great!!!!!!!! Although boo on the microwave! Everything is better toasted. Bring in some tin foil so it picks up the "drips" and you can easily throw it out!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@kjpugs - Yes Ma'am!

Michelle said...

hahah I also use binder clips as bag clips... Did you find it hard to go gluten free?

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