November 20, 2010

I Want, I Need, I Have to Have: Vitra Miniatures

When I first started at idi (Interior Designers Institute) there was a display in the main hall of miniature iconic chairs. I wanted the whole display! I Googled miniature chairs and came across the Vitra Miniatures.

chairsI tried to justify paying more for a miniature chair than I could afford to pay for a chair I could actually sit in, but I never bought one. The next semester they took the chair display down and put up real life work from past students and I forgot all about my dream chairs. Until last week when I received the latest Design Within Reach catalogue.

Hubs likes to refer to it as Design out of Reach because, seriously, it’s still pretty pricey. Also, these Vitra Miniatures are just as expensive as I remember. Naturally, I want the more expensive chairs like the Eames Lounge and Ottoman or the Corbusier Lounge. At that point I might as well buy a life-sized one. Why oh why am I not a Millionaire?

What thing, just outside your price comfort zone, do you covet the most?


Married In Chicago said...

I think I've been reading too much apartment therapy because I really want an eames rocker for our living room! But, right now it seems like most furniture is outside our price range! My last two posts are actually about trying to find a night stand and lamps for our bedroom on a budget.

Nodakademic said...

I want loubies. Bad. Technically, i can afford them. But also technically, part of my budget does not include $800 shoes.

These chairs are adorable. I want some *real* mod furniture. [Though I love these tiny ones tool!!] Doesn't need to be Eames or another famous designer, per-se, but let's just say I love almost everything they have at Someday, when I win the lottery...

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

Nodakademic - I hear you, I want some Loubies too! Yeah, the chairs are affordable, but not in such a way that I can justify buying something I can't sit in for that much... you know?

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Married in Chicago - LOL! I want one too! Hubs said he's get one for my for Christmas, but right now there is no room for it in our tiny apt. I know what you mean though, most this stuff is just outside our budget... we could make it work, but probably shouldn't.

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