November 21, 2010

WTF? – Mini Chair Light

I found this light on Moggit (the guilty pleasure of the design world) and I cried a little.

Here I am dreaming about owning one (or five… let’s be honest, ALL) of these Vitra Miniature Chairs and some artist (?) bought all of them and made this. I know art is subjective but this makes me angry and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the artists intention.


Jenna said...

Ok, you will have to explain. I don't really get art or design so I'm not sure why you are angry? I actually think it looks kind of cool.

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Jenna - Angry may have been a strong word. I can see that is looks cool from an art stand point, but to me it looks like a bastardization of the chairs :-/ It's funny because in design I'd say my 2 favorite things are lighting and chairs, but I don't like the two together in this case...probably because I want all those little chairs to be displayed properly and not all clustered together. I like order haha

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