November 15, 2010

Product Review: Gluten Free Bisquick

*Bisquick isn't giving me anything for this review. I purchased the box of Gluten Free Bisquick all by myself and decided to tell you all about, all by myself… I’m independent like that ;-)

After entering roughly 10 giveaways for Gluten Free Bisquick, I decided last week to break down and purchase a box myself. I don’t normally eat a lot of pancakes or waffles, but I was really excited about all the other things I could make with Bisquick… Shortcake, Biscuits, dumplings etc.

However, since I’d never cooked with Gluten Free Bisquick (and to be honest, I haven’t cooked with regular Bisquick in quite awhile) I thought it would be best to make pancakes or waffles the first time. This way I could compare them to something I know and I would know how the batter tastes without much added to it.

I dusted off the waffle maker my mother gave me for Valentine’s Day and made Belgian waffles for dinner last night. Hubs and I LOVE breakfast for dinner.

They didn’t turn out as perfect squares because it was my first time making waffles, but I think I like them better this way… more homemade.

Verdict: Delicious! The middles are fluffy and the outside have a great crispy crunch. I was pleasantly surprised how fluffy they turned out because most of the Gluten Free breads I’ve tried are really heavy and dense. Hubs forgot I’d made GF waffle until I reminded him halfway threw the second waffle. I’ll definitely be making these again, as well as attempted the other recipes they suggest!


Andnowlights said...

Love love love! I just sent this on to my friend who if GF/everything free. Thanks!

Katie said...

Oh yayyy! Was it me who tweeted you about the Bisquick? I can't remember...but either way, I was really surprised that they had it, and I am so happy to hear it tastes good! Justin's aunt has a gluten intolerance, so I've been trying to think of a recipe to make for her for Thanksgiving dessert...maybe I could utilize this in some way...strawberry shortcakes or something...hmmm

Nellie said...

I like the homemade look better too! I can't believe they make gluten free bisquick! Awesome. I hope you've been feeling better after the dietary changes.

Jessica said...

So glad they turned out well! Yum!

Jessica Lynn said...

Awesome! Those look good just in general. So glad they worked for you. I wanted to share this with you—I just saw it in my reader and thought of you (hope the link looks kinda long and scary!):

Lara said...

I finally tried GF Bisquick this past weekend too - we made waffles and my hubby agreed - they were delish!
Also, Betty Crocker makes GF Cakes and Cookie mixes. The GF Betty Crocker brownies are awesome too. You should try them!

kjpugs said...

Great time to go gluten-free! I'm glad this was so tasty! I'm sure it'll become a staple for many people who need it.

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