December 2, 2010

Reverb10: Prompt 2 - Writing... er, Design

Am I allowed to change a prompt? Because, I did.

While I find writing this blog important it isn’t so important that I need to eliminate anything to be a better writer. I don’t consider myself a writer, and perhaps that is why I’ll never be Dooce or Barefoot Foodie. I’m okay with that. My blog is just an outlet.

However, I do need to concentrate more on interior design. There are things I do in my breaks between school and even when I’m in school that I should cut back on and re-focus my free time. TV. I know I can’t eliminate TV from my life because it’s my veg time. It helps me relax from everything else going on and de-stress. I do know that I could watch less. When I completely bored and watch TV I could be improving my Sketch-up skills or finding materials and furniture and saving them in organized files.

P.S. As soon as a wrote that first paragraph I remember the book I want to write and the outline I need to get cracking on now that I have a month off from school. Ooops! Okay, bored time will be split between the two until I get that outline done.


Kimberly Michelle said...

I think alterations are just fine! This is all about your self reflection anyhow! :)

Tia Sparkles Singh said...

Love it Ali, too awesome! That you changed the word, then came back full circle to writing - hahaha :D Sounds like a good plan to focus on the book outline. Btw, yes, you ARE a writer whether you consider yourself as one or not. Heck, you're a renegade writer :) Have a fantastic day! Tia #reverb10

Sarah Nicolas said...

Oh, you are definitely allowed to change a prompt. I even encouraged it on my #reverb10 blog today for the non-writers (like my sister, who is also doing it). :)

I remember TV used to be a huge time-suck for me before I made a conscious decision to stop watching it. I used to start watching one show and then another would come on and then another and all of a sudden it's bedtime. Now, I leave my house if I find it's too tempting. It may be extreme, but I've written two novels since then so I guess it works!

Nellie said...

Smart! I didn't change the prompt, but I pretty think I took a totally literal stance to the prompt and wrote about something else. ha! If you know what the rules are... you can break them!

Katie said...

Ugh, TV is also a big time suck for me...for just about everything...writing, job hunting...etc.

Jen said...

I had to modify my prompt too! I agree with you about TV. I watch it because I'm relaxing, I don't relax because I'm watching it. You've got to have that decompress time.

Jennifer said...

I could have modified mine to "sewing" or "crafting." Way to break the rules!!
I watch too much tv too... it was on my list as well... darn idiot box!

Marissa said...

I'm with you on the TV. The crazy thing is, I can't remember watching as much as we seem to now that we have a cable package with DVR.

You are a writer, Ali... just like I'm a runner, even though I don't think of myself as one. Excited to hear about your book plans! :o)

TwoWishes Tara said...

Ooh, would love to hear more about your book someday! And I agree that you are a writer -- even if you do nothing beyond this blog (and clearly you do), you are putting your words and ideas out there to communicate with the world.

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