December 3, 2010

Reverb10: Prompt 3 - Moment

I happened to check my email last night before I went to bed and noticed I’d already received today’s Reverb10 prompt. I was excited, thinking I could get a head start writing in my head. However, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I remembered it in the shower this morning and immediately thought of my 30th birthday. For those of you don’t remember, or just started reading my blog, I embraced my 30s with open arms, excited about everything that was going to happen in the next 10 years.

On the night of my 30th birthday my parents threw me a little party and invited a couple of my closest friends.

For dinner my parents flew in Maryland blue crabs covered in Old Bay. My father made his famous Tom-tini (SUPER strong lemon drops) and I drank mine from my special martini glass. We all sat around the table outside and ate crabs on newspaper, just like I had done when I was little visiting my family in Maryland. (Except, this time with booze). My sister made the fluffiest and most delicious cake and decorated it with multi-colored coconut.

I can still hear everyone laughing around the table and smell the Old Bay seasoning and sour lemon. It was chilly out, as this past summer was unseasonally cold her in Southern California.

I will always remember this night. I was so thankful to have everyone there that night to celebrate with me, what I look at as, the being to a very exciting time in my life. I felt very loved and very adult. Is it weird that I didn't feel like a real adult until my 30th birthday? Maybe, but it also has a lot to do with my answer to Prompt 1.


Jessica Lynn said...

You're 30?! I never would've guessed that, honestly. That cake looks delicious and multi-colored coconut sounds like so much fun!

megan said...

Being a MD girl myself I could kill for some blue crabs right about now. And, as of today, I join you in the 30s club. I am attempting to embrace it with open arms as well! This is a great post!

Jeska said...

MD blue crabs are the best thing about living here! There's not a summer that goes by without a few crab feasts. Ahh now I want some :)

honey my heart said...

looks like such a special night! i have to try those tom-tinis since lemondrops are my fave :)

Jessica said...

Aw, what a wonderful memory! Love me some crab and if there's cake afterward, all the better. :)

Marissa said...

What a great (and delicious!) way to celebrate! Turning 30 was pretty special for me, too... nothing at all to be scared of. :o)

Nellie said...

That seriously sounds like my vision of a perfect birthday celebration! I hope my 30th will be awesome like that next year.

kjpugs said...

Um this looks like an AMAZING way to celebrate your birthday! And a great moment to boot!

Katie said...

What a wonderful birthday memory!!!! How sweet that your parents threw you such a lovely celebration!

Micah and Catherine said...

What a great 30th birthday!

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