March 25, 2011

Five for Friday

Previous Fridays

1 - You bought me eggs and hash browns from Trader Joe's so I could make breakfast for dinner.

2 - You really like when I curl my hair.

3 - You shoulder make a great pillow for TV watching.

4 - You have about 20 nicknames for me

5 - You're researching cars coming out soon, so I can find the perfect new car.


BigAppleNosh said...

Ahhh, all super-cute this week! Can't pick my fave :)

prettyaspeaches said...

I like it when you curl your hair too :)

Jenna @ SpitzerStories said...

I have been a lurker on these Five for Friday posts for a while and I am in so much love with them. I think it is so important to acknowledge and share the little (and not so little) things we do for one another in a marriage. So sweet.

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Pretty as Peached - Thanks! I'm going to curl it for your shower tomorrow.
@Jenna - Thank you:)

koritsimou said...

I just have to say what a pleasure it is to read these every week. I know we all have those days that we can't think of ONE thing we love about our spouses. Your posts make me stop and think about five of my own!

Tiffany said...

This so so sweet! I'd love to do something like it for my husband!

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