September 14, 2011

Sept 14th – The Weather


The news keeps saying we’re supposed to have thunder storms and rain, but I just don’t see it. Perhaps it’s happening in LA, but not down here in Newport Beach? I don’t know.


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BigAppleNosh said...

We're enjoying gorgeous weather right now too!

Our Wired Lives said...

oh So Cal weather.... gotta love it!

Michelle said...

we are NOT enjoying nice weather. we are experiencing more 100+ degree temps :( i am so jeal of your beautiful moderate temps and would even take that rain you have in your forecast :)

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Michelle - Ouwza, I'm sorry! I hope it cools down soon & you get rain for those fires! We get fires here too :-/

honey my heart said...

looks like a beautiful day. we are definitely lucky to live in such beautiful places :)

ps, i really like your daily photo posts. it's a fun look into your life.

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