September 9, 2011

Sept 9th – Lucky Charm


This is Quackers, my Mom gave him to me for Easter about 5 or 6 (or 7) years ago. Quackers drives around in Betty with me and watches her when I’m not around. They keep each other company :)

On my way home after work yesterday, during the power outage, Betty overheated. Right now Quackers is keeping Betty company at the Chevron service center, that was LUCKILY right across the street from me, at the time.

Photo Challenge originally found here.


Michelle said...

adorable! i don't have any luck charms - perhaps i need to consider adding one as i could def. use the luck :) ♥

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Michelle - Yes, I think you do need a lucky charm. Plus, if you're a little nutty like me it can keep you Co. in traffic ;-) said...

Betty is so cute, but sucky about your car. Maybe that new one is calling you now.

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