October 3, 2011

Day 3 - Clouds


Day 3 of the October Photo Challenge is clouds.


This is my view by proxy, so to speak. This is the view from my co-worker, Yolanda’s office, and I sit right outside her office. There is a window in the wall between use, so I can see her view. They really did it so Yolanda could see anyone who came into the office from her desk, but I like to think it was so I could have a view too :) She just came back from the restroom to find me taking this picture through our binds. I said, “I’m doing a photo challenge this month for my blog and today is clouds.” She didn’t question it and just said, “okay”. I think she is used to my shenanigans.



sylvie said...

cloud photos always make me smile. love these!

Anonymous said...

Ok in a non creepy way (especially since I am in Sweden) but I can totally tell area you work!! I even got a little oooo I miss home from the view, so silly but Southern California is just so great!!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@HemborgWife - You're totally creepy ;-) Yeah, if you're familiar with the area I guess those two buildings are pretty recognizable.

Anonymous said...

I know I told the story to my husband and he said I was for sure being creepy!!

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