October 4, 2011

Day 4 – Something Green


Day 4 of the October Photo Challenge is clouds.


Everything is green around me. It’s not cold enough for the foliage to have died off yet… or it doesn’t get the cold around here anyway. Our street signs are green, shoot most of our signs are green. It was hard to find something not completely obvious that was green. I tried to think of something ecologically smart as something “green” or something new, but I couldn’t think of something clever enough. Yes, that’s right. I may not have the photo skills of other people in this challenge, so I’m trying to be clever, sue me… but please don’t.

Anywhoodle, I had to take a different route to work this morning because it was raining and my windshield wipers are were broken. Broken in that they were so old and worn the blades had fallen of the the holders. Ghetto, I know. So I stopped by the VW dealership on my way to work to purchase new wipers and have the parts guy replace them for me in a covered area. You guys, new wipers are AWESOME! They clear off the water so well, it’s like magic. On my way to work from the dealership I have to take the 405 freeway, which was bumper to bumper the whole way. I stopped by this exit sign for a bit and decided it was my “something green”. I liked it because the sign is very “Southern California” or what a lot of people think of when I tell them where I live. “Do you know the kids from Laguna Beach?” (No) However, it’s raining, which is very NOT “Southern California”.


Jen said...

New windshield wipers are the best! I need to get some new ones as well as the rainy season has hit Northern California too!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Jen - I think you guys sent the rain to us ;-)

Sana said...

Rain is just blah even when you live in lovely southern ca!

AZPartyMamma said...

hey! I think I have been in that same spot! I lived in So Ca for a few years.

Kira said...

This cracks me up - Marcus went to pick up new wipers on Friday when it rained here, he said there were so many people at the store doing the same!

Anonymous said...

My car had the same thing but also one side would not squirt water anymore so I would have to pour water on the windshield from a bottle while driving if they got dirty then try and use the ancient wipers. It was fun to do in Newport next to the BMW's and Porsches because the stares I would get were priceless!!

On a seperate note great picture and hope you did not have to go on the 133 as it scares me to death!!

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