October 5, 2011

Day 5 – From a High Angle


Day 5 of the October Photo Challenge is from a high angle.


It’s still raining here in “Sunny Southern California”. It’s kinda fun, since we don’t get rain all that often, and I really like my umbrella. It’s a Totes umbrella with the Open/Close function. The Open/Close function is the best invention since sliced bread, it makes getting in and out of my car SO much easier! I bought this multi-colored polka dot beauty a few years ago at Target because I knew it would match most of my outfits. Yes, I like it when my umbrella matches my clothes and since I wear a LOT of black with punches of color, this works perfectly :)


honey my heart said...

love that your umbrella is more than just a basic solid color :) yay for punches of color.

Our Wired Lives said...

Ooo.. I love your unique perspective on the umbrella!

Makes Me Blush said...

So cute! It looks like confetti! My umbrella is leopard print. ;)

Sana said...

I am sooo happy it's not raining. I threw my umbrella in the trash, because it inverted!

Anonymous said...

that is super cool! i never would've thought of that!

Kristin ~ Bien Living Design said...

Fun picture!!

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