October 20, 2011

Days 12-19


Day 12 of the October Photo Challenge is sunset.

I take a lot of photos at gas stations. This was taken while pumping gas on my way back from Jazzercise in San Clemente on night. This picture doesn’t even do the sky justice, it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Day 13 of the October Photo Challenge is yourself with 13 things.

day13Is this a cop out?

Day 14 of the October Photo Challenge is eyes. day14 This is out front of an old Bob’s Big Boy in Downey. I loved his eyes, like he couldn’t wait to eat this burger and was just willing it with his eyes not to topple over.

Day 15 of the October Photo Challenge is silhouette.

This is the same palm tree from Day 6, from a low angle. I took this photo on the same day I look Day 6's shot, hoping to get a sun flare, but ended up with a pretty cool silhouette.

Day 16 of the October Photo Challenge is long exposure.

Would you believe me if I told you THIS was my best long exposure picture? It looks like a fuzzy sighting of a lake monster.

Day 17 of the October Photo Challenge is technology.
This is a picture of my Polaroid camera, taken with the Xolaroid 2000 setting on the Retro Camera App on my Android Galaxy S Phone.

Day 18 of the October Photo Challenge is your shoes.

Confession, I wear these shoes pretty much everyday. Hubs is really tired of seeing them, but I just love them. I wear a LOT of black and they’re comfortable while still looking cute and giving height.

Day 19 of the October Photo Challenge is something orange.

This past weekend we drove up to Cal Poly Pomona, Hubs’ Alma Mater, to pick out a pumpkin. The first year we celebrated Halloween together we got our pumpkins at the same place, but HOLY MOLY there were FAR less people. Also, I’m pretty sure they grew the pumpkins themselves that year, so we felt justified driving all the way to Pomona to get a pumpkin because it was a real pumpkin patch. This year it was crazy busy, there were shuttles, a petting zoo, food vendors, a pancake breakfast and these pumpkins most definitely did not grow here. We made the most of it though :)


Marie said...

Aww, the pumpkin patch! I love the pumpkin patch. I'm so behind on my photo challenge... :)

Lauren said...

I totally laughed out loud on your 13 things shot!

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Marie - It's never too late to catch-up ;-)

@Lauren - YAY! It's not a cop out if I make someone laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Love the 13 Things shot! SO smart!!

Anonymous said...

Ok the long exposure one looks like some hoverboarding skateboard! I think you could start a few conspiracy theories with that!

Halloween and Cal Poly Pomona also go hand in hand to me, in college we always went to a giant fraternity Halloween party there and that was one long ass drive!

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