October 11, 2011

Days 8-11


Day 8 of the October Photo Challenge is a bad habit guilty pleasure.

Soooo, I read what I wanted to on this challenge and remembered it as a guilty pleasure instead of a bad habit. Oops. Since the only real bad habit I can think of is popping zits :-/ you’re welcome. My guilty pleasure, or at least one of them, is 80’s music. I love me some 80’s jams.

Day 9 of the October Photo Challenge is someone you love.

Any guesses on who is driving this Saab? If you guessed Hubs, you’re right ;-) I snapped this shot Monday morning when we were exiting our apartment complex on our way to work. Oh, and look I got a sun flare too! I just noticed that.

Day 10 of the October Photo Challenge is a bad habit a childhood memory.


I honestly cannot believe I am posting this picture on the interwebs for the world to see. As I’ve shared before, I work with my Dad… or for my Dad, whatever. Anyway, this loved picture (along with many others of my sister & I) is set-up in his office for everyone to see and comment. Why did my Mom style my hair like that for every fancy picture? My sister and I had a LOT of matching dresses growing up, and unlike lots of children, I LOVED them. Yes, I loved this dress.

Day 11 of the October Photo Challenge is something blue.


My ink color of choice is blue and my doodle of choice is the heart or many hearts. I doodled this little jem today while on the phone for something… I can’t remember what though. I taught myself how to draw hearts like that when I saw Madonna do it in her signature on something MTV aired a when I was in Jr. High. I didn’t want to be Madonna or anything, I just though drawing hearts without lifting your pen was way cooler than drawing one half and then the other and I needed to be cool like that. Totally!


Jessica Lynn said...

I love your last photo of the doodles. I doodle hearts all the time!

quick, silly question: are you using instagram and then photoshopping the text onto it? I love how they're all different! (does that make sense)

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Jessica Lynn - Totally makes sense! I'm using Retro Camera which is the Android answer to instagram and then using power point to add the text.

Michelle said...

I LOVE the photo of you and your sister. My mom dressed my sis and I (and her as well) in matching outfits all the time and I too secretly loved it.

Anonymous said...

When I was young my mom would dress me, her, and my dad in matching or coordinating clothes for Christmas!! The big 80's hair my mom had just adds the the randomness of our pictures in matching white and red sweats!

Makes Me Blush said...

I'm all about some 80s music, too! I love it!

Our Wired Lives said...

You're so creative, Ali! I love how you interpret the prompts.

britski23 said...

love the pic of you and jen. oh the good old days

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