November 11, 2011

Five for Friday

Previous Fridays

1 - You're kicking butt on your business trip this week, even though you had to go alone.

2 - You managed to find a Chinese buffet in Georgia. It's funny you ate Chinese food the same night I made myself Mexican food.

3 - You're already planning on where we'll eat when I pick you up from the airport on Sunday.

4 - You make me laugh, even from the other side of the country.

5 - You look hot in a sweater ;-)


Layla said...

Uh, Georgia?? Why didn't you come along??? :P

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@Layla - I wanted to go with him to badly!! I'm almost finished with school, so hopefully I'll be able to travel with him more next year :)

Michelle said...

i think #5 is my fave :) happy monday ali!

serena said...

I love # 4! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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