November 11, 2011

Interior Design Bingo – Outdoor Seating, Art & a Bathroom

I’m so behind on my own challenge, it’s pretty embarrassing. My excuse is I’ve been under the weather most the week and really didn’t have the energy to write blogs posts… along with the 10 page paper I had due on Wednesday. The good news? A) I’m feeling better, I was able to eat solid food yesterday, TMI? B) The class with the paper met for the LAST TIME on Wednesday! I just have to finish my internship hours and I can check that class off the list! YAY! Okay, on to the Bingo…

Outdoor Seating

On our way up to LA on Saturday, to celebrate the beautiful Kinzie Says' birthday, Hubs and I stopped in Long Beach where there is a block or 2 of retro and antique stores. We found SO MANY things we need want need for the new house. (P.S. I should probably stop talking about this house because I kinda jinxed it posting about it last week). We were talking around the last antique shop when I spotted this outdoor cafe set. It’s way girlier than most things I’m drawn to, but there are daisies all over it (as you can see) and I am a bit obsessed with daisies. Since we have absolutely no where to put it right now, I just took a picture and freaked the guy in the background out.


At the same antique stop I spotted this birdie print at the cash register while they were ringing up Hubs’ finds. (We found some awesome barware!) I convinced myself I needed it and planned the whole guest room around it, I checked the price and realized it was $600. I don’t really have $600 to spend on bird are right now when we’re trying to buy a house. The saddest part is I can’t read the artist’s signature. Do you have any idea who did this?

I chose this bathroom because it’s so different than anything I would think to design, but it’s so clever… and I LOVE clever design. Using the basket to hold towels? I LOVE IT! I love finding things like this, they totally inspire me to think outside the box or outside my comfort level.


Have you checked out the posts by the other participants?


Amanda said...

LOVE that bathroom - so cool!

Sugar said...

I agree that bathroom is so awesome!

honey my heart said...

that bathroom is so awesome. it's something i'd never think of having but something i totally want to have!

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