November 1, 2011

Interior Design Bingo Definitions


Mid Century Modern – A style of design that began after World War II and continued into the 1960s, that is marked by simplicity, clean lines, organic forms, and materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Though color is used quite a bit in post-war design, mid-century modern is typically less cutesy than the more pop-art offerings of the later 1960s. (source) Think Mad Men.

IntDesginBingoMidCenturyModern1, 2, 3

- The size of one object and how relates to another or to the space in which it is placed. For example in the pictures below: #1 the tables and sofas are all lower to the ground have the same slender scale; #2 is an example of a lamp on a whimsical scale but still fitting with the scale of the room; and #3 all the legs and structures of the multiple table are on the same scale.

IntDesginBingoScale 1, 2, 3

– A grouping of accessories, photos, end table, and/or chairs.

IntDesginBingoVignette 1, 2, 3

Let me know if there are any more terms you want defined :)


Sara said...

THANK YOU!!!! You are awesome and I'm super stoked about this game!!! I'm going to blog about some interior design efforts in our place later today or tomorrow! You've definitely inspired something in me to keep pluggin! Yay! Let the games begin!

PapayaDog said...

Thanks for that. I was wondering about a Vignette. How about up lighting. I know what it is (I think) but maybe an example?

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

@PapayaDog - (I'm guess you're C from Forty Twenty Four) I'll add up lighting later today or tomorrow :)

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