November 3, 2011

Interior Design Bingo – Kitchen

…or the post in where a lot of you will probably think I’m crazy.

As I’ve talked about briefly in a couple Five for Friday posts, Hubs and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. It’s been quit a roller coaster so far, so haven’t posted any pictures or anything because I’m afraid to jinx it. Don’t worry, at some point I will blog about the whole process, show pictures, etc, I promise. But, today I’m just going to show you the kitchen.

The house bungalow was built in 1953 and remodeled in 2006. That’s when they added the bamboo floors, dark wood cabinets, black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. It’s nice, I know that. It’s just not our style, entirely. Our stainless steel refrigerator is going to fit in perfectly and I really like the glass fronts on the upper cabinets. The lower cabinets (that you can’t see) are actually large drawers which I am SUPER jazzed about because it makes storage so much more efficient. Also, can we talk about the cabinet on the outside? Genius! No space was wasted.

So, why are we possibly crazy? This is our inspiration picture for the first phase of the kitchen remodel. The first phase is what we want to change about the kitchen before we move in.

Yes, we want to paint our cabinets aqua/teal/Tiffany blue. I love it! It’s so bright and cheery :) Eventually, we’ll replace the countertops (hopefully after I find a place that recycles granite countertops, because we do feel badly just throwing them away) and put a fun light in. (Don’t get me started on that ceiling fan in the dining area).


Have you checked out the posts by the other participants?


Amanda said...

How fun - I absolutely love that idea! And I'm so excited to see more of the new house!

Micah and Catherine said...

Love the teal, and I love that so many people picked Kitchen today.

Marie said...

I love the inspiration picture! I'm wanting to do something like that with my cabinets too. I just have to find a good idea and convince the husband. :)

Sugar said...

Totally love your idea!! And I agree with you 100% on the kitchen- it looks lovely, but it wouldn't be our style either, so I am very excited to see what you do. AND see the rest of the house!

Neuby Fam said...

Our house came with similar kitchen and bathrooms. Totally not our style either. Unfortunately we don't have a plan or money to do anything about it yet, though!

Bri said...

I love your kitchen inspiration and love that you guys are planning on restoring the character of that adorable old house! I'm excited to see what else you have in store! :)

Lauren said...

I'm excited to see the rest of your new house! I have felt the same way as you when looking at houses, some have beautiful remodeled kitchens but not really our style and we would want to change it up.

kjpugs said...

LOVE the teal! Can't wait to see what you do with your new home :)

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

I'm so glad you all don't think we're crazy! I knew I loved my blog friends :)

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